• SOFTWARE QUALITY INNOVATION Offering Innovation The business success of our clients is the measure of our success.

  • SOFTWARE QUALITY INNOVATION Pursuing Creative Innovation We derive the global top-level results from the professionals
    to help our customers solve old problems in new and better ways.

  • SOFTWARE QUALITY INNOVATION Fulfilling Customer Satisfaction We create a better world with our customers.

  • SOFTWARE QUALITY INNOVATION Pursing Free Communication We are fostering an open-corporate culture to make things
    better in new and value-added ways.


  • IoT Smart Space IoT-based Smart Space Solution
  • Digital Signage Integrated Management System
    For Smart Signage Solution
  • Security A Top-Tier Certified Network Bridge Solution in Korea
  • Energy IT-Converged SI Service
    For Energy Industry
  • Video recognition Video recognition and intelligent video recognition technology provide customized solutions in various fields
  • Healthcare Provides a medical diagnosis and management solution that combines healthcare with artificial intelligence AI
  • E-Commerce HYBRIS the Global e-Commerce Solution
  • System Integration A Platform for The Integrated Network Management System
  • B49 Body temperature self check kiosk
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    IoT-based Smart Space Solution
    We make space smarter and connect people
    through IoT(Internet of Things) technology, wired and wireless converged services.
    • iot imgSmart
    • iot imgSmart
    • iot imgSmart
    • iot imgIoT
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    Integrated Management System For Smart Signage Solution
    Since its first release on 2008, we have been providing the all-in-one smart signage service,
    which is consist of space planning, content development, hardware design,
    from ideation to production and installation.
    • signage imgF&B Stores
    • signage imgShopping
    • signage imgAuto Showroom
    • signage imgLobby
      PR Room
    • signage imgPublic
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    A Top-Tier Certified Network Bridge Solution in Korea
    ssBridge guarantees excellent security, and realizes the optimal functions
    for the users and is easy to implement. In recognition of these merits,
    ssBridge has the highest number of domestic references in public, financial, and defense sectors.
    • security imgTransfer files
      via network
    • security imgFinancial Institutions
    • security imgNational Defense
    • security imgOthers
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    Solution for Energy Management System
    Elio BEMS applies the KS standards, and abides by KEA installation guideline,
    making it suitable for public corporation or public corporation audited business fields.
    • energy imgxEMS
    • energy imgBAS
    • energy imgEnergy
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    KISA-certified face recognition technology
    and intelligent video recognition service are provided
    KISA-certified face recognition algorithms and intelligent video recognition technology,
    we provide customized solutions such as public security, access control, video monitoring and analysis through CCTV,
    T-money face recognition payment, and DID-based advertising.
    • face cognition imgTraffic
    • face cognition imgSocial
    • face cognition imgPublic
    • face cognition imgIntelligent
      image analysis
    • face cognition imgAccess
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    Provides an integrated management platform for medical
    images combined with artificial intelligence (AI)
    It provides an integrated medical video management platform such as
    systematically managing various medical images, including surgical videos,
    and supporting the Annotation Tool necessary to establish AI learning data.
    • health care imgVideo management
      system of skin
    • health care imgMedical video
      management system
    • health care imgMedical video
      management system
    • health care imgEstablishment
      of Medical
      learning data
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    HYBRIS the Global e-Commerce Solution
    SQI Soft utilizes SAP hybris solution to promptly build e-commerce system fit
    for the global environment and thus contributes to customer business success.
    • commerce imgShopping
    • commerce imgBrand Shopping
    • commerce imgManu-
    • commerce imgTelecom
    • commerce imgInsurance
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    A Platform for The Integrated Network Management System
    SCOP is the platform for building up an integrated-operation Supporting System.
    SCOP Increases the network operation ease and dependability, allows one to speedily build the network management system
    which boosts network operations efficiency.
    • system imgConsulting
    • system imgSystem
    • system imgConstruction
      & Operation
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    Body temperature self check kiosk
    B49 Guardian
    The B49 Guardian is a body temperature self-check kiosk equipped with body temperature measurement,
    automatic determination of whether a mask is worn, identification through face recognition, and advertising board function.
    • guardian imgChurch/
    • guardian imgHospital/
      Public facilities
    • guardian imgEnterprise
    • guardian imgTrain station/
    • guardian imgMall/
      Movie theater
    • guardian imgHotel/


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