Security Business

In a network environment in which the business network (Internal Network) and

Internet network (External Network) are separated, we offer secure file transmission and

streaming service between network domains and we provide net connection solution

which blocks out Internet business network invasion incidents.

  • File Transfer via
    Private and Public

  • Connect DMZ WEB and Internal WAS server

  • finance, institutions, hospitals, schools, malls

  • Connect integrated control center and external relevant agencies

Our Solution


ssBridge guarantees excellent security,
and realizes the optimal functions for the users
and is easy to implement. In recognition of these merits,
ssBridge has the highest number of domestic references
in public, financial, and defense sectors.

Performance and Certification

  • security_icon5

    Max. Data Traffic
    Per Second

  • security_icon6

    CC certificate

  • security_icon7

    GS certificate

  • security_icon8

    KC certificate

Main Function

  • security_icon9
    File Transfer
    Context-based menu on Windows Explorer
    and mini UI mode available
    Auto-Blocking when malicious code found
    in file transfer
  • security_icon10
    Copy and paste multiple images and texts
    from public network to internal network.
  • security_icon11
    Payment Authorization Management
    Features as prior approval, post approval
    Alert when requesting payment, Record the
    history of payment process
  • security_icon12
    Link Re-direction
    Allows user to connect the link URL from
    internal to public network automatically
  • security_icon13
    Efficient Policy Management
    Integrated Monitoring System (Dashboard)
    Session management for traffic transmission
  • security_icon14
    Connect Server Stream
    High-Speed Service Connect through
    memory file transfer
    Have session delay or end when exceeding
    max. traffic rate
  • security_icon15
    Support various external application
    Client’s own payment system, AD, SSO
    Security solutions as DLP, DRM, APT
  • security_icon16
    Superior Security System
    Support encrypted communication for all
    Real-time monitoring of transfer record
    and error logs

Case Studies

Public Institution

•Presidential Secretariat Presidential Security Service Constitutional Court of Korea
•The board of Audit and Inspection of Korea Ministry of Interior Ministry of Education
•Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Gyeonggi-do Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
•Korea Communications Commission Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission Korean National Police Agency
•Korea Forest Service Cultural Heritage Administration •Korea Meteorological Administration
•Chungnam Fire Service HQ Sejong Fire Dept. •Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute (KFTC)
•Korea Securities Depository National Institute of Environmental Research •National Institute of Forest Science
•Korea Employment Information Service •Korea Consumer Agency •Local Government Offices Development Institute
•Post Business Information Center •Korea Maritime Guarantee Insurance •Incheon International Airport Corporation
•Ulsan Port Authority •Korea Expressway Corporation •Korea Gas Corporation
•Daehan Oil Pipeline Corp. (DOPCO) Korea Electrical Safety Corp. Korea Gas Safety Corporation
•National Pension Service •Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service Government Employees Pension Service
•National Security Research Institute Korea Information & Communication Industry Institute (KICI) Korea Aerospace Research Institute

(2010 ~ 2016)

Financial Institution

We work with the Bank of Korea, Kookmin Bank, and Samsung Life to provide them with net connection solutions.
•The Bank of Korea •KDB Bank •Kookmin Bank
•Post Business Information Center •CITIBANK Korea •SC Bank
•MIRAE ASSET Securities •E-Trade Securities •MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO
•Seoul Guarantee Insurance (SGI) •SAMSUNG LIFE •AIG Indemnity Insurance
•KMBCO •Korea Securities Finance Corp(KSFC) •Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute (KFTC)

(2014 ~ 2016)

National Defnse / Others

We provide net connection solutions for the Army Headquarters, the Defense Security Command, and the Cyber Warfare Command as well as commercial enterprises like Ebay.

•Ministry of National Defense •ROK Army HQ •ROK Airforce HQ
•Defense Security Command •National Cyber Command •ROK The 3rd Forces Command
•eBay •Fashion •KAI

(2013 ~ 2016)


T. 08-2-2284-3333 / F. 08-2-2284.3456
Business Registration Number : 107-81-74307 / 13F hausD Bldg., 10 Seonyu-ro 3-gil,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07285, Korea