System Integration

We offer the comprehensive OSS(Operation Support System) service, the functions of

which range from stable network management and acceleration task supported network management, facilities management,

and operation management. We also build and manage the BSS (Business Supports Systems) service, which

comprises business support systems like customer management, fee management and marketing support.

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    and Management

Our Technology (Integrated Network Management System)


A Platform For Integrated Network Management System
SCOP is the platform for building up an integrated-operation
Supporting System. SCOP Increases the network operation ease
and dependability, allows one to speedily build the network
management system which boosts network operations efficiency.
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    Guarantee high usability, applicability and maintainability
    Customizing is available upon request
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    Dispersal Architecture
    Scalable Dispersal System
    Integrated feature of heteromorphic
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    User Friendly Interface
    Support multiple GUI and Web operating
    Support Individual working environment
    for each operator
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    Telecom Standard Compliance
    Comply with JIDM standards
    Comply with X780, Q816, X721 standards
    Comply with TMF 814 standards
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    MS Windows Development Solution
    Support Windows 2003 Server OS
    MS-SQL 2003 Server
    Net 2003,(Visual C++ 7.x)

Our Technology
(Sales Support System)


A Platform For Sales Support System (SBSP)
SBSP applies qualified Web platforms and various
components to quickly and stably develop
operations management system.
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    Framework by Class
    UIL, APL, DML Class Separation
    Component Add-In Feature
    Guarantee high quality, rapid development,
    easy to operate and maintain
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    System Integration
    Log Management of Transaction
    Flexible Data Unload/Load
    Internal Check Available Between Systems
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    User Friendly & Efficient System
    Support multi GUI & WEB operating
    Support Individual working environment
    for each operator
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    Process Management
    Process Monitoring Start/Stop/
    Restart, Process
    Process Reporting
    Job Schedule Management
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    System Management
    Application Security management
    User authorization management
    Data management, batch file management

Case Studies

KT-Integrated network management system

We built the disaster relief network NMS, wireless quality measurement system (WiNG) and KT BIT OSS DBT. We also developed the next generation OSS system and performed installation consulting and we are currently in the process of installing and managing the NMS integrated wire-wireless service.

(2010 ~ 2016)

SKT - Integrated Network Management System

We performed installation and reorganization improvement for SKT WiBRO NMS and SKT EPS, and we also performed maintenance duties for SKT WiBRO NMS.

(2010 ~ 2016)

SAMSUNG – Integrated Network Management System

We installed the Samsung Electronics A STORE platform management system and we developed and reorganized the Samsung Electronics Amazon Clouding web service OSS system. We are currently performing maintenance duties for the Samsung Electronics integrated OSP.

(2010 ~ 2016)

KT – Operations Management System

We performed the reorganization improvement for ICIS (Customer management & Billing system), corporate operation opportunity management system, kt BIT BSS installation LE project and the CRM system function. We performed the changeover to PPAS for KT and the affiliated companies' homepages. Now we participate in KT next generation and Loyalty management and diffusion, and in the KT homepage management business. (Samsung C&T Corporation integrated building estimate system development)

(2010 ~ 2016)

SAMSUNG – Operations Management System

We implemented the improvement in function for homepage, Amazon Cloud Web service for Samsung Electronics, development of the integrated construction cost estimating system for Samsung C&T, We participated in the multiple projects of Samsung C&T – VOC Improvement of Estimating System, M&E Estimating System

(2010 ~ 2016)


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