Face Recognition, Video Analysis

Face Recognition, Video Analysis

  • Face recognition

  • Video Analysis

KISA-certified face recognition algorithms and intelligent video recognition technology,

we provide customized solutions such as public security, access control, video monitoring and analysis through CCTV,

T-money face recognition payment, and DID-based advertising.

  • Airport immigration inspection

  • Find missing children

  • Find missing children

  • Access control

  • Face wallet

  • Prevention of Corona

Retention Solution


Identification Solution
Based on KISA-certified face recognition technology,
accurate and reliable identification services are provided.

Main Function

  • Acquisition
    Capture facial images and
    check quality against
    ISO 19794-5
  • Face Detection
    Face Detection
    Recognize and extract
    1 or N face images from
    images or images
  • Verification(1:1 인증)
    Verification(1:1 Authorize)
    Authorize by comparing Live
    face Capture images with passport photos
    and other facial images taken
  • Identification(1:N 검색)
    Identification(1:N Search)
    Search the list of similar characters
    after comparing Live Face capture images
    with multiple registered face images
  • 나이변환 얼굴예측
    Face prediction by age
    Facial prediction that reflects age
    and biometric characteristics

Retention Solution


Face Recognition Access Control Solution
Accurate and comfortable access security with high accuracy,
face authentication and walk-through access control.

Main Function

  • 출입인원 등록관리
    Registration management
    of Entry and Exit
    Registration and management
    of the number of visitors
  • 출입통제 이력관리
    Access control history
    Access control history management
    including attendance management
  • 워크스루형 출입인증
    Walk-through access
    Password-free walk-through type
    access authentication
    and access control
  • 안면인식 출입통제
    Face recognition access control
    Access Control System through
    Face Recognition
  • 법무부
  • 인천공항공사
  • 경찰청
  • 우이신설 경전철
  • 국립국제교육원
  • 월드비전
  • more

Deployment Performance

Development of T-Money Public Transport Facial Recognition Payment Service

T-Money has developed a face recognition payment service for public transportation and is currently running a trial run of the Wui subway system.


A platform for responding to disappearances based on complex cognitive technology for identification of missing children

We are currently developing and demonstrating a nationwide extended missing response platform based on complex cognitive technology for identification such as missing children.
·Application of complex identification technology for identification of missing children

·Integrated CCTV control center, National Police Agency's missing person management system, and edge device interworking of on-site police officers

·Development of heterogeneous computing VMS interworking technology

·Improvement of the missing response system and development of scenarios

·A study on the improvement of the legal system related to the application of complex cognitive technology for the discovery of missing persons

·Development of a missing risk prediction model based on intelligent image analysis

·Trial application and verification in actual security environment

(2018 ~ 2023)

Artificial Intelligence Identification Tracking System

Development of next-generation airport immigration management system based on AI recognition and missing project is underway.
·Work-through-type automated immigration system: Simplifying the screening stage by verifying identity and immigration with facial recognition only
·Abnormal behavior detection system: Identification of dangerous persons in the airport immigration control area, monitoring and tracking of abnormal behavior

(2020 ~ Present)

Development of T-Money Public Transport Facial Recognition Payment Service

Development of the quality check function for the registration of examination of the Korean Language Proficiency Test Center of the National Institute of International Education


Service of World Vision Sponsored Children's Search

Development of MY kids App, an Application-Based Sponsored Child Finding Solution Using Face Recognition System


Establishment of a comprehensive support system for the socially disadvantaged of the National Police Agency

A comprehensive support system for the socially disadvantaged based on a face recognition application has been established, and cases have been applied to finding families of missing persons and mentally retarded children in 40 minutes.

(2011 ~ 2016)

Incheon International Airport Department of Justice Automated Immigration

Using biometric information of immigration subjects, use it for immigration inspection by the Ministry of Justice at Incheon International Airport, disallow entry, or manage regulators

(2009 ~ 2011)

Detection for objects like pedestrians, tracking for identical objects,

video summarization, video synopsis generation,

and search for similar object by re-identification.

  • hospitals & nursing facilities
  • common space of collective residential buildings
  • store
  • streets



Fast tracking and analysis of pedestrians, visitors and users of a facility by analyzing surveillance camera videos in hospitals, nursing facilities, for common space of collective residential buildings like apartments or on streets.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyzed Videos List
    Analyzed Videos List
    List of videos analyzed
    or being analyzed
  • Video Synopsis
    Video Synopsis
    Putting multiple events, that occur at
    different time, together on a scene
  • Video Summarization
    Video Summarization
    Play only video parts
    where pedestrians appear
  • Search for similar objects
    Search for similar objects
    Look for similar objects
    from other videos


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